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Asus eeebook x205ta Tipps n Tricks for Linux and Windows



"For some reason they sent the drive encrypted, I went into Windows settings and Unencrypted it. Crystalmark scores went from ~60-80MB which I was pretty disappointed about, to 160MB. I have screens at home showing the change don't have them here to post. If you don't need it encrypted which I'm sure most won't, disable it immediately. Still trying to figure out the low sd speeds a 45MB per sec card is scoring between 12-20MB."


turbo-enabled(locked) with charger plugged in

"For people still having problems where the smart gesture software stops working after resume, this seemed to work for me:

Create a .bat file with the following commands:

taskkill /f /im AsusTPCenter.exe
taskkill /f /im AsusTPHelper.exe
The problem seems to be with these and not AsusTPLauncher. After the .bat runs, AsusTPLauncher will automatically restart those applications.

Put the .bat somewhere where you won't mind leaving it permanently. I put mine in C:\Utility\Scripts\

Now you want to schedule this .bat to run every time the laptop resumes. Press Win + R and enter 'Taskschd.msc' to run the Task Scheduler. Click create basic task, and give it a name. Description is optional. Set trigger to 'When a specific event is logged'. Set log to 'System', source to 'Kernel-Power', and event ID to '507'. On my x205ta I found this event to happen every time it resumed from sleep. I assume it is the same for all x205ta laptops. If you find these instructions do not seem to work for you, if may be that this event does not happen on your x205ta. Try looking up how to use the Event Viewer to find an event that always happens upon resume for you.

Set action to 'start a program'. Set program/script to the .bat file you made. Click next. Check 'open the properties dialog for this task when I click finish'. Click finish.

Click 'change user or group'. If you are on an administrator account, type in 'system' and click ok. If you are not on an administrator account, type in the name of your admin account and click ok. Select 'run whether user is logged in or not'. Check 'run with highest privileges'.

Click on the 'conditions' tab. Uncheck 'start the task only if the computer is on AC power'.

It wouldn't hurt to go to the 'settings' tab and change 'stop the task if it runs longer than' to '1 hour', and 'if the task is already running, then the following rule applies' to 'stop the existing instance' just in case the .bat fails to close on it's own for whatever reason.

Click ok. Enter login credentials if necessary.

If you want to test it to make sure the .bat is actually running each time you resume, add a temporary third command to the .bat:
echo test>>C:\TEST.txt
Put it to sleep, wake it up, and then check for the TEST.txt file in the root directory of C:\. Subsequent resumes will add a line of text to the file each time.

I imagine this will work for other pc models having this issue with the ASUS SmartGesture software, though you might have to use a different event for the task scheduler.

Hope this helps."

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